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Kontrapunkt Home Bureau

Building a house is creating a unified image, aura of comfort harmonious with the architecture of housing, control, pleasure, concentration of your long-cherished wishes.

Our goal is solving many complex tasks in a burst of inspiration and in a single style, using a well-organized symbiosis of knowledge and competence of our specialists in various fields: artists, architects, engineers and installers of movie theaters, Hi-End, multirooms, elements of the "smart home". We supervise all stages from the preliminary plan of your house to the possession of the unit.

We all need new dreams, new territories, new challenges. Offers of new projects, images, trends and fashionable electronic " pieces of metal" by itself may cause mutual estrangement, while taking account of preferences, habits and lifestyle of the customer leads to trust and understanding. In our opinion, this contributes to 90% of success and is the main indicator of the performer’s professionalism. This is exactly why we organize teamwork between architects, designers, creators of media environment and home control systems.

The meaning of name Home Bureau also implies a "home" style relationship with our customers. A future owner, who makes an order, in fact starts to live in the house since that moment. Still virtual. Frequently changing. Gradually taking contours of its owner’s dreams. Becoming more own and homely, to the extent that once the construction is complete you would feel as if you just came back there after a long vacation.

Everything has become available these days. You can watch a movie or spend the whole day in a room, communicating with the world while remaining in solitude or with family and loved ones. The space where you can completely forget about problems and stresses, overflowing modern life, becomes the most wanted.

You can put all your worries in the hands of professionals to take care of organizing such a space for you.