It is unreal to play alone on the specific market of construction and housing equipment. Contractors, builders, architects, designers and installers achieve the greatest success and win the competition only if they select a joint strategy and have a clear communication.

Criteria for choosing a partner is not new:

  • competence;
  • reliability;
  • predictability;
  • ability for mutual understanding.

Presently our bureau is a stable consortium of architects, builders, designers, installers of home and "smart" electronics. We are actively developing, and we don’t intend to remain within the established scope. New partners - new opportunities.

It is always appropriate to discuss a mutually beneficial collaboration with associations of architects and designers.

We are also open for contact with developers, because they, like no others, fully realize the fact that the strategic planning for preliminary possibilities of electronic housing equipment in major construction projects makes such complexes more attractive and affects the price.

In contrast to spontaneously cropping up small firms with no history, we are the strategic partner of a well-known distributor of audio products – the Alef company, which has been present in the relevant market for more than 12 years. According to foreign partners, Alef is one of the most effective participants in the process of promoting products in Europe. They have long-standing partnerships with dealers throughout Russia.

We perfectly realize that installation and equipping of housing, of course, is an independent and versatile business.

Customers invest money now and immediately, and it will actually work for them for many years to come.

Our principles:

  • careful consideration of options, nuances, preferences on the stage of designing;
  • possible conflicts - on a computer screen, rather than in real life;
  • wide range of offers by price and scale;
  • world famous brands;
  • synchronous work with all creators of home;
  • user training, warranty and after-warranty service.