How we work

1. Based on the available project documentation, the Customer and LLC "Kontrapunkt Trading” (hereinafter called the Contractor) conducted a series of consultations to agree on the parameters of the technical tasks.

2. The Customer gives an approved technical task and other necessary initial data to the Contractor: the final architectural solution, project documentation on the engineering systems, which will be subject to our management system in the event of its design, etc.

3. Based on the initial data received, the Contractor prepares, and the Customer signs (after reviewing) an agreement on execution of Technical project, which will include:

— 2-3 alternative versions of lumped calculation of estimated cost of the equipment proposed by the Contractor (where “Other equipment” is not to exceed 20%);

— Approximate plan for installing the main equipment, supplied by the Contractor;

— Description of the schematic circuit of the equipment management system, which is subject to the control system, designed by the Contractor;

The development of the technical project is carried out by the Contractor in the "dialog" mode (Customer - Contractor - Designer) in order to avoid multiple alterations when approving the technical project.

4. The Customer approves the final version of the technical project (one version of the estimates included) and makes payment for its execution.

5. The technical project, signed by the Customer, serves as a basis for preparing and signing of the contract to perform the work project. The contract also specifies the schedule of the project designing that involves several stages of technical project documentation development.

5.1 One of the first stages of the project designing is preparation (by the Contractor) and approval (by the Customer) of a detailed list of equipment (indicating its price), used by the Contractor during the realization of the project. This is necessary as the control system and cable laying scheme can only be designed basing on the specific (proposed by the Contractor, confirmed by the Supplier and approved by the Customer) equipment.

5.2 On the basis of the detailed list of equipment, approved by the Customer, parties prepare and sign a contract for equipment supply, which includes the payment schedule and equipment delivery terms.

5.3 The remaining stages of project designing, both the content and terms of performance, will be determined upon signing of a corresponding treaty (first of all, accounting for the real terms of construction and date of object commissioning).

6. The final stage of the project realization is fulfillment of installation works by the Contractor and presenting it to the Customer in accordance with a corresponding contract (or additional agreement), with development and approval of the due schedule.